Project GRL: Rescuing Women and Girls from Human Trafficking

Have you ever needed a rescuer…really needed a rescuer? Perhaps you need one right now. Know this: The depth of your loss, however severe, cannot compete with the strong, steady love of the Lord. He is always with you, ready and able to lift you up from the depths of hurt and sorrow, and dry your red, sobbing eyes.

Like Joyce always says, your mess can become your message—and that’s the power of Project GRL.

Women who’ve been hurt a little—or a whole lot—can emerge from their own messed-up situations stronger, with a sense of worth in Christ that no one can ever take away. And through sharing their message, hope multiplies!

These three women once felt alone in the world, without hope. But today, they know their Rescuer, Jesus, is guiding them on a path to healing, happiness and fulfillment. They’re walking out God’s plan, one step at a time.

Unjila used to live in the red-light district of Mumbai, India, where she endured a painful year of forced prostitution. Someone she’d met lured her to the city saying she could find a better paying job…and then sold her to a brothel keeper.

Unjila was trapped in a life beyond her comprehension. But in the midst of her horror story, hope emerged.

Staff from a community development center that’s supported by Hand of Hope reached out to help Unjila with practical assistance and encouraged her to leave the red-light district. With a little help from God, Unjila would have a fresh start.

Today, Unjila has her freedom back. She’s earning a humble wage as a domestic servant and is happy to live in a clean, rented room. She looks forward to visits from caring staff who encourage her in the Lord.

Bennu* experienced a horrific childhood. Her drug-addicted parents left her without food in utter squalor. At 13, she knew the pain of being raped. Fleeing to Phuket, Thailand—more than 1,000 miles from home—she took a job at a restaurant-bar where she was exploited as a prostitute.

When COVID-19 started, Bennu returned home, where a friend told her about a Hand of Hope safe haven called the Gabrielle House. Today, she is happy and relieved to have a loving home. “I can start a new life all over again despite my bad past experiences,” Bennu said.

Today, she’s completed a course in sewing and finds enjoyment in worshiping God and spending time with Him. “I’ve learned to play guitar a little bit and I like singing worship songs,” she said. Because of Jesus, Bennu is growing more fearless every day.

*Her name has been changed to guard her identity.

Harmony was sexually abused from the age of 5. At 13, her mom left her all alone to care for herself and her little brother. That’s when she began dating an older boy who over time became Harmony’s pimp. By the age of 19, she was working full-time in the sex industry and eventually attempted to take her own life out of desperation. 

Then she made one good friend who began to show her God’s love and told her about Joyce’s book Beauty for Ashes. God used it to bring healing to her broken heart and transform her life. 

Today, Harmony is passionate about helping others, and runs an international ministry dedicated to rescuing women in the sex industry.

Every woman needs Jesus—the One who rescues us from all our troubles and gives us hope and a future! (See Psalm 34:17-18, Jeremiah 29:11.)

You can help share the love of Jesus!

Learn more about Project GRL initiatives and how you can fight for girls at ProjectGRL.org

Want to kick your fight for girls up a notch?

Team GRL is another great way to get involved! You can lead the fight for girls in your own community and around the world! Sign up today at joycemeyer.org/TeamGRL

What does it mean to “fight” for girls?

Use this short list as your guide:

F – Feel her pain
Don’t look away from the need. Get angry when you should, cry if you need and refuse to do nothing.

I – Ignite a spark
Educate yourself, make a commitment and fan that spark of action into flame.

G – Go make a difference
Make a plan and take action! Pray, go, give, change a life.

H – Heal
Spend time on your own healing. You can give more love when you receive it for yourself.

T – Tell your friends
Speak out, share the word and be a catalyst for change.

Project GRL - Fight for Girls