Studying God’s Word will change your life.

Whether you’ve been reading your Bible for years or you are brand new to it all, it’s always the right time to learn how to dive deep into God’s Word and truly study it! Joyce’s easy-to-follow 14-day study is a great place to begin! Drawing from over 45 years of experience in studying God’s Word, Joyce shares tools and tips to help you get the most out of your study time, and encouragements to keep you moving forward each day. Whether you need wisdom, strength, hope or direction, God’s Word has your answers, and it’s the key to living a joyful, fulfilling life. We’re excited for you to discover the amazing journey He has planned for you.

Through this study, you will receive:


Each email contains a daily lesson from Joyce that will encourage you to study God’s Word, pray, and trust God for the growth and change you want to see.


A prayer closes each day's teaching to help get your conversation flowing with God, and empower you to put key principles from His Word into practice.

Study Labs

Get ready for some real-world application of God’s Word! These hands-on activities will help you put Joyce’s devotions into practice immediately.

Bonus Links

Most of Joyce’s devotionals are followed by a teaching article or video that allows you to delve deeper into the topic of the day and apply it to your life.

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