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Childlike Faith in Niger

Childlike Faith in Niger

- by Shelly Meyer
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Childlike Faith in Niger

This is Cherifa. She is one of 900 children Hand of Hope is feeding in Niger everyday in partnership with Armies of God Ministries. Most of the children who attend these programs are from Muslim families, and Cherifa is no exception. Prior to going to the Armies of God Ministries daycare, she was sent to Koran school. Like most of the children we met at the program she now believes in Jesus and prays to Him daily. Cherifa, along with the other children in the daycare, are often beaten and threatened by their families to be sent back to Koran school if they speak about Jesus in their homes. Even still, they refuse to deny their faith.  

I was deeply moved by the faith of the children and the spirit of God that filled these centers. They are so full of joy and love even though they are already being persecuted for believing in Jesus. Please pray for these precious little ones who are being raised up to bring the Good News of salvation to their nation. 


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