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Get Out of Your Mess And Start Living Your Life

Get Out of Your Mess and Start Living Your Life

- by Joyce Meyer
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Get Out Of Your Mess And Start Living Your Life

Every one of us has problems, some worse than others. And we all struggle to get victory over some issues or circumstances in our lives. We need a miracle to get over them. So what do you do when you need a miracle?

You wiggle.

Remember the old donkey stuck in the pit.  When his owner tried to bury him, he persevered in wiggling to shake off the dirt that was thrown on his back, stepped on it after each wiggle, and eventually walked right out of his pit. The same can happen for us.

But we gotta wiggle!

“Wiggling” simply means taking responsibility to obey God. The bottom line is that whatever your problem is, the way to fix it is to do whatever God tells you to do.

The thing we have to get is that while God wants to help us, there’s a part only we can do to get our breakthrough. God will give us the ability to do our part, but we still have to make the decision to obey God. We have to “get up on the inside,” take responsibility for our choices, and have a good attitude while we’re doing what we are supposed to.

It may not be easy—in fact, a lot of the time it’s just hard. But every time we do what’s right especially when it's hard, we make progress in our relationship with God and get closer to our miracle. And we can do it.

Remember that the promises of God are for “whosoever will.”  That means you!

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