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Applying God's Truth to Everyday Life.

Now am I trying to win the favor of men, or of God? Do I seek to please men? If I were still seeking popularity with men, I should not be a bond servant of Christ (the Messiah).

— Galatians 1:10
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Here's how to be the person God created you to be

- by Joyce Meyer
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Daily Devo

Are you the person God created you to be or are you living “to please men”? According to this scripture, God’s will is for us to please Him and be what He wants us to be.

When you choose to be the person God created you to be—unique and different than everybody else—you have to expect some criticism. It won’t always be easy to deal with, but you won’t like yourself very much if you go against your own convictions.

See, going along with the crowd, when you know in your heart that God is leading you a different way, is one reason people don’t succeed at being themselves.

I want to encourage you to step out and be the person God made you to be. Don’t let the way another person treats you or responds to you determine your worth. Have the courage to be different and deal with criticism.

Remember that God accepts you and loves you. He made you the way you are for a reason, and you have something special to offer.

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