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Serving the Vulnerable in Namibia Africa

Serving the Vulnerable in Namibia, Africa

- by Hand of Hope
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Serving the Vulnerable in Namibia Africa Our trip to Africa ended in Namibia where Hand of Hope sponsors a feeding program and leadership training. With the help of Dawie and Chrisna Fourie of the African Leadership Institute and in partnership with the Namibian Life Change Centers Foundation, Hand of Hope is feeding almost 1,500 children every day in Namibia. In addition, over 400 disadvantaged youth are trained every year in leadership and character development through Hand of Hope's partnership with The Rock Training Center in Namibia - something they would never be able to experience without this program.

God's favor is overwhelming and is allowing us to make a difference in the lives of people here in Namibia and around the world. Thanks to all of our partners and friends who allow us to help those in need.

We do not need to strive for power or hope to have power someday; we have power now! The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us (see Rom. 8:11) and we can be quickened (filled with life) by that power. This is not a onetime filling that slowly drains out of us as the days go by, but we can be filled day by day and even moment by moment. We can constantly and continually experience God’s presence and power in our lives. When we belong to Him, there is never a time when His power is not accessible to us.

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