Rescuing Lives Around the World

Rescuing Lives Around the World

- by Hand of Hope 2 MIN READ

Simply put, human trafficking, the illegal sale and trade of people against their will for exploitation, is modern day slavery. It is estimated that there are more than 40.3 million people around the world forced into this horrible way of life; many of which are young girls kidnapped against their will. Thousands of women and children every day are forced into trafficking by being lied to, deceived and ultimately stolen from their own lives. They are promised a better life, a good-paying job…maybe even freedom from poverty. No matter how they get there, it is still one of the most inhumane forms of injustice our world has ever seen.

Fortunately there are organizations that have answered the cry of this injustice and are making strides to help rescue these victims. We’re committed to doing everything we can to rescue these girls as well as support other organizations working tirelessly to do the same. We are working with the Los Angeles Dream Center to help rescue women and offer them safety from pimps and handlers. We are rescuing women and children around the world in places like South Africa, Thailand, and Ethiopia. We are also partnering with The A21 Campaign to rescue women in Eastern Europe. 

Our heart-felt thanks to our partners and friends for supporting these efforts.



Updated: March 2023

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