Indescribable Experience in Bali Indonesia

Indescribable Experience in Bali, Indonesia

- by Ginger Stache 1 MIN READ

There are certain experiences in life that are nearly impossible to describe. Walking through a trash dump with eleven and twelve year old children who pick through it for just a few cents a day is such an experience -- words cannot express it. The odor, the flies, the injustice of it turns your stomach. And that moment at the end of the day when you walk away as they smile and wave good-bye is one that you can never forget. 

While I wrestle with many emotions, I'm also filled with tremendous gratitude because in that terrible place there are many children who no longer have to work to survive. You see, the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries are providing those children with nutritious meals and sharing the love of Jesus, freeing their families of that financial burden and enabling them to stay out of the dump and go to school. 

So far we can't reach them all but we are doing what we can together. Some experiences are indescribably difficult, but they couldn't be more rewarding. Thank you for enabling Hand of Hope to make such a difference in Indonesia and around the world!

Hand of Hope