Smiling Leah

Hope on a Plate

- by Joyce Meyer Ministries

Hand of Hope

Twelve-year-old Leah is a smart young girl who has a smile that lights up the room. But like so many kids in her small Zambian village, she struggled to concentrate in class and quickly fell behind.

“It was very hard,” Leah said. “I would have stomach aches, and sometimes I would doze in class because of hunger. I never used to come to school because there’s no food.”

In fact, just one year ago, Leah was told that she would have to repeat fifth grade. Then something extraordinary happened. Thanks to you, Hand of Hope began providing meals for the school children in this area.

For Leah, who was used to surviving on just one meal a day, this changed everything. She began looking forward to learning again, knowing a healthy lunch awaited her at noon.

“It’s been very helpful,” Leah said. “Because I can come to school, and I know that I will not have stomach aches in class anymore.”

With the proper fuel, Leah not only rediscovered her love for learning, but she quickly made up for lost time. Today, she is in seventh grade and thriving in her studies. She has even taken the time to learn English.

“Thank you for helping us,” Leah said. “Because if it were not for you, I wouldn’t be able to be where I am right now. I would not be able to be in grade seven.”

Instead of worrying where her next meal is coming from, Leah now spends her time dreaming about the future. God can use you to bring hope and the belief that anything is possible to so many other girls just like Leah!

Three children eating a meal