Clinic Serves as Safe Haven from Gangs

Clinic Serves as Safe Haven from Gangs

- by Rachael Athearn
Clinic Serves as Safe Haven from Gangs

El Salvador is incredibly beautiful—it’s tropical and lush, and the beaches are fantastic. But in areas around the capital, gang activity is rampant. In fact, many of the people find that their everyday lives revolve around having to be aware of those gangs, and not getting caught up in the violence.

But in one of those neighborhoods, you’ll find a wonderful place of respite that’s bustling with activity and helping those in dire need. In partnership with the Abigail Association, Hand of Hope is bringing critical health care and the love of Christ to an entire community through the San José Villanueva Medical Clinic.

With a team of Christian doctors, the permanent clinic offers regular medical and dental care to many families who could not receive attention otherwise. The physicians also look for opportunities to attend to their patients’ spiritual and emotional health by praying for them and sharing God’s Word in Joyce’s resources.

For 19-year-old José Escalante, the clinic was a godsend. He was in so much pain when he arrived he could barely walk. His doctor quickly identified his condition as appendicitis and called for an ambulance to take him to the hospital for emergency surgery.

“If I would have gone to another clinic, it would have taken a longer time (to be seen by a doctor) and I might not have made it,” José said.

Thank you for making it possible for José—and many others like him—to receive the life-saving care he needed. We know the needs are great, but together we can do something about it.

Hand of Hope