A Night In Madagascar

A Night in Madagascar

- by Ginger Stache 1 MIN READ

Our first night in Antananarivo, Madagascar, I met a mother who lives on the streets with her six children. They showed me how they wait until long after dark each night to find a spot on the street so that they won't be forced to move. They lay out cardboard for their beds and build makeshift tents out of plastic they find in the trash to protect themselves from the weather. 

They take turns sleeping to protect one another from violence and the children from being picked up and trafficked. The children were filthy, hungry and absolutely beautiful. My heart broke into many pieces as I sat on the street with them and they shared their life with me. 

The day before, we brought those children and tens of thousands of Madagascar's street kids together for a day of their very own. A day free of fear and hunger and we told them they were loved and had value. They danced, sang and laughed. 

It was a great day - one I'll never forget and hopefully they won't either. Thanks for making this day possible and for sending these children your love from around the world. 

Hand of Hope