Baby Hope

A Baby Named Hope


In January 2021, a team of Hand of Hope staff and volunteers traveled to Tanzania to operate a medical/dental clinic for people in dire need of help.

One night during the outreach, the head doctor in the area where they were working called our team to help with an emergency C-section. They rushed to the clinic, and the doctor quickly did the C-section and got the baby out.

But the little girl came out completely limp and was not breathing. Our nurses jumped to action and the baby started breathing! Meanwhile, the local doctor and our surgeon were able to care for the mom.

Without our team there, the baby would have died because the doctor wouldn’t have been able to focus on both emergencies—stopping the mother’s bleeding and resuscitating the baby.

Later, the doctor thanked our team profusely for being there. And the mother even let them name her baby! They named her Hope after Hand of Hope.

This was such a beautiful story from Tanzania—and it wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of our amazing partners. Thank you...your support is impacting lives every day!

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