Frequent Flyer Program

It’s simple. You pay for and go on four outreaches with us and we will pay the $300 deposit on your fifth trip.

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What else?

  • This program does not include trips prior to 2017.
  • You don’t have to take all the trips in the same year.
  • The outreach deposit of $300 cannot be paid out to you in the cash equivalent or transferred to another person.
  • We only count outreaches that you go on, not anyone else’s trips.
  • After your fifth trip, we’ll reset the counter to zero and you can start over again. Four more outreaches and we will pay the $300 deposit on the fifth.
  • To go on an outreach with us, you will need to submit a volunteer application, all related documents, and be approved by our team. If you have already done this then you are good to go. If not, everything you need is below.

The sooner you go on outreaches, the sooner you can get your fifth outreach deposit paid!

Dream big. Travel often. Spend less.

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Frequent Flyer Program