There’s still time to give! Let’s feed 1,000 more children together! Just $30 can feed 5 kiddos for 1 whole month. Will you join us?

There’s still time to give! Let’s feed 1,000 more children together! Just $30 can feed 5 kiddos for 1 whole month.
Will you join us?


Medical and Dental

We hold various medical/dental missions trips throughout the year. During these outreaches, we will provide free medical and dental care to many who are in need.


Pursat, Cambodia

With one of the world’s least developed healthcare systems, we felt it was imperative to provide medical/dental care in Cambodia. Opening in 2009, the facility has cared for more than 430,000 patients. We offer general medical services, lab tests, OB/GYN services, minor surgeries, cardiology and pulmonary services, a pharmacy and ministry. 

Ongoing Clinics and Outreaches

Fond Parisien, Haiti

Working with Love A Child in Fond Parisien, Haiti, we’re helping provide medical care to the men, women and children. Hand of Hope provided the funds to complete the facility and provides ongoing monthly support. The facility includes a lab, malnutrition center and pharmacy and provides general testing and exams. The facility has cared for nearly 400,000 patients.

In 2020, working alongside Love A Child, we built and furnished a new Malnutrition Clinic.  The clinic was dedicated on January 29, 2021.  At the Malnutrition Clinic, each parent receives education, medical care and lots of nourishing food for babies and toddlers.  We will provide early childhood vaccinations and monitor height and weight of each child. Additionally, we provide temporary housing for mother and  child to support the child's healing with specialized food and care to save their lives. 

Yirgachefe, Ethiopia

In partnership with Crisis Aid International, we opened the HOH Pediatric Specialty Clinic with the purpose to provide restoration of health and good nutrition to children suffering from severe malnutrition. The hospital has 20 inpatient beds. Outpatient treatment and surgeries are also provided. The facility has cared for over 250,000 since opening in December 2016.

El Salvador 

Hand of Hope in partnership with Abigail Association operates a medical/dental clinic in San Jose Villanueva.  The facility has four fully furnished exam rooms; two fully equipped dental chairs, and a pharmacy.  We have provided care for over 28,500 patients, since opening in April 2017. 

India Mobile Medical Vans

We bring free medical care to poor areas around Hyderabad, India who have little to no access to healthcare. Outfitted with a lab, x-rays, and pharmacy, our team of medical professionals have treated over 600,000 patents.

Project GRL Vans - India

Many women and girls struggling with human trafficking have no access to medical care and other resources.  Our travelling vans will show up consistently in the red-light districts to provide help, care and intervention. 

Embrace A Village - India

We support Embrace a Village where weekly medical care is provided to residents in the leprosy colonies.  We supply bandages and educate patients on how they can keep their wounds clean at home in between visits.  We also support hospice care, and special shoes to prevent trauma and infection to their feet.  To date, we have provided medical care to over 37,000 patients and provided over 8,500 pairs of shoes.

HaTikva Dental Clinic - Israel

Hand of Hope in partnership with The HaTikva Project provides subsidized, high quality dental care to the needy in the name of Yeshua.  These are the first and only Messianic non-profit dental clinics in Israel.  The clinic is staffed by local, Israeli believers where faith is not compromised. 

Short-term Medical/Dental Trips

We have facilitated over 140 short term Medical/Dental Outreach trips in 40 countries since 2007, treating over 377,000 patients.

Mission Milestones

3.1+ million Patients Treated
140 Short Term Outreaches
5 Hospitals and Clinics
A women takes another women's blood preasure

Medical/Dental Volunteers Needed

We’d love for you to join us on an upcoming trip. These experiences not only bring free medical and dental care to some of the poorest areas of the world, it will also impact your life in amazing ways!

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