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The missions outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Hand of Hope is actively working to share the Gospel and help people in their greatest times of need. Together we are providing clean water and healthy food, rescuing women and girls, offering relief after disasters and so much more.
Hear from Hand of Hope CEO, David Meyer.

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Hand of Hope aims to help hurting people all over the world and share the love of Christ. Watch the video to see how far the impact travels.

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Project GRL

Birthed out of Joyce's heart to see young women across the globe healed and restored, just as she has been, Project GRL exists to guide, restore, and love women and girls. Learn More

Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope provides meals through over 690 feeding sites in 25 countries. In 2021, we served over 28.5 million meals. Learn More

Water Relief

Providing fresh, clean, safe drinking water in 42 countries with over 2,135 wells, serving entire communities. Learn More

Medical and Dental

We have treated over 3.1 million patients through our short-term medical/dental outreaches, hospitals, and clinics. Learn More

Crisis Relief

Hand of Hope has donated more than $24 million to crisis relief efforts worldwide, in more than 229 crises since 2004. Learn More

Anti-Human Trafficking

We are working to rescue women and children in 15 countries. We offer love, housing, schooling, job skill training, and biblical counseling to help rebuild and restore their lives. Learn More

Book Translation

Many of Joyce’s books have been translated into more than 160 different languages. More than 39.4 million have been distributed worldwide. Learn More

Television and Radio

Airing in over 100 languages around the world, we're sharing Christ with a potential audience of 4.5 billion. Learn More

Domestic Outreach

Impacting communities throughout the United States of America through special events, projects and outreach activities that share Christ, love people, and ultimately provide hope. Learn More

International Conferences

Joyce has spoken into the lives of millions of people in 41 different countries through conferences alone. Learn More

Inner City

Through outreaches in the United States and other countries, we're reaching out to the homeless, prostitutes, disadvantaged youth, addicts and the impoverished with vital help and restoration. Learn More

Refugee Relief

Hand of Hope has been helping refugees for over 10 years, and with the recent growing refugee population, we are continually looking for new ways to help reach as many as possible. Learn More

Getting connected with vision

Our mission is simple: Sharing Christ and Loving People, but it's one we can't accomplish all on our own. We believe in the power of God's family to reach a hurting world.

Global Reach

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