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How to Deal with Discouragement

- by Joyce Meyer
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Get Unstuck And Fulfill God

We all have dreams and goals we’re reaching for. But when setbacks happen, are you able to good-naturedly brush them off and move forward or do you tend to get stuck in a place of irritation, discouragement and doubt?

Everyone faces unexpected annoyances and disappointments, and times of trauma and loss. The devil wants to use them to discourage us and keep us from moving forward in faith, peace, hope and joy. He’s a dream thief, and if he can get you to stop believing God has your back, then he can defeat you.

The truth is, how we think and behave, and the words we say have a lot to do with whether we remain stuck in our problems or persevere in the plans God has for us. If you want to move forward, then you need to think like Jesus and agree with God’s Word.

Every Setback Has a Silver Lining

In the early years of our ministry, our TV program aired once a week on a certain station we felt was really important. And one day, they called to cancel our contract because of programming changes they were making…and I was so upset.

It was one of those times when you feel like something should be done, but there’s nothing you can do.

Well, shortly after that happened, I felt God speak to my heart about forgiving the people who had cancelled our contract.

All the devil wanted me to do was get stuck in my anger about the injustice that had been done. But the truth was, if I would trust God and let it go, He could take it and do something with it.

By God’s grace, I did let it go, and about a year later, that same station contacted us to ask if we would come on their station every day!

God Is Just and His Word Is True

God has made a lot of things possible for Joyce Meyer Ministries, including opportunities through our world missions outreaches. We’re currently providing food for thousands of hungry children every day, supporting efforts to rescue victims of human trafficking, providing free medical/dental care in places where it’s hard to come by, fully supporting children’s homes in foreign countries, and much more!

We’re also providing our TV program to two-thirds of the world and broadcasting on hundreds of radio stations.

These are just a few examples of how God has blessed our ministry. But if I had chosen to believe the devil’s lies over what God could do, we wouldn’t be helping the hurting and reaching the lost today.

Don’t Let the Enemy Defeat You

If you will agree with God, there’s nothing the enemy can do to defeat you. But you must learn to recognize the lies of Satan and stop believing him! You will need to glance at our problems and stare at Jesus. Then you can have the mind of Christ and think like God thinks.

1 Corinthians 2:16 says, …We have the mind of Christ (NIV). We also have the Word of God to teach us about God’s promises for our life. When our thinking lines up with the Word of God, we are in a position to walk by faith and do what God is leading us to do.

When the devil lies and says you can’t, remember that God’s Word says you can do all things that God wants you to do through Christ who strengthens you (see Philippians 4:13). When he says it’s impossible for you to do what God has put in your heart, remember that all things are possible with God (see Matthew 19:26 and Luke 18:27).

Make up your mind to shake off the lies that hold you back and have a good attitude. If you will, the devil can’t defeat you. Remember: Nothing is too hard for God!

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