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On Air: Celebrating 40 Years of Radio

- by Joyce Meyer 4 MIN READ

It’s been 40 years since Joyce’s voice first hit the airwaves on WCBW in St. Louis, Missouri—a 15-minute air slot that God would use to help pave the way for an international media ministry.

It all began in 1982. As associate pastor at Life Christian Church, Joyce taught a women’s Bible study and attendance grew to more than 500 people each week. That’s when the opportunity arose.

“My pastor was on the radio,” Joyce said. “And when the airtime next to him opened up, he asked me if I wanted to do it. That was the beginning—our program aired for 15 minutes, once a week.”

A few years later, in 1985, the Lord spoke to Dave and Joyce’s hearts and instructed them to leave Life Christian Church and “take the ministry north, south, east and west.” It was the birth of Joyce Meyer Ministries as they began holding conferences and teaching God’s Word all across the St. Louis area and beyond.

“In the beginning, we worked out of the basement of our house, and our first employee used a cardboard box for a desk!” Joyce recalled. “But eventually we hired others who opened mail and duplicated cassette tapes. We even had a man who produced our radio program out of our son’s bedroom closet.”

Not long after, Dave knew that God was leading him to leave his career as a design engineer and work full time with Joyce. Along with managing the company payroll, he began working with station managers nationwide to introduce their radio program to new markets.

Soon, Joyce’s 15-minute program was picked up by WCBW’s sister station in Kansas City, Missouri. Station managers in Denver, Phoenix and Mobile also liked what they heard and made room for Joyce in their lineups.

“In the beginning, it was very difficult to get on stations because hardly anyone knew Joyce,” Dave said. “But eventually word got around that she was good, so it was easier. In the upcoming years we grew and grew.”

And grew. Today, Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life radio program is broadcast every day on hundreds of stations worldwide in multiple languages. It’s also finding new audiences online, where her radio podcasts are distributed through Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Amazon Music and many other channels. Each day, more than 85,000 people download her radio podcast!

And none of it could have been accomplished without the support of the radio stations that have aired the program and the faithfulness of our ministry partners—the ones who have supported Joyce Meyer Ministries with their finances and prayers to make it all possible. Their incredible support carried God’s Word into people’s hearts 15 minutes at a time…and made an eternal difference.

So today, we invite you to join us. Through your partnership with Joyce Meyer Ministries, you can be a part of sharing God’s Word with millions of people through these radio podcasts, our Enjoying Everyday Life TV program, and so many other ways. And you can bring personal, lifesaving help to people who are hurting through our Hand of Hope missions outreaches in more than 60 nations.

This year, we celebrate 40 years of Joyce teaching God’s Word on the radio. That’s 40 years of lives changed…and we invite you to become a part of it.

Join with us to broadcast the Gospel all around the world. Visit:


It all begins! Joyce’s weekly messages at Life Christian Church were recorded and used for her 15-minute time slot on the local St. Louis station, WCBW.


Joyce Meyer Ministries officially began in the basement of Dave and Joyce’s home. The radio program was produced out of their son’s bedroom closet.

We want to thank stations like KLTT in Denver, Colorado, and KNVL in Mobile, Alabama, who have aired Joyce’s program from almost the very beginning. It has been a privilege to partner with you in reaching people with the life-changing message of the Gospel!


Now airing on many stations across the United States, Joyce’s program was mixed and produced for distribution by her eldest son, David.


The launch of Joyce’s radio podcast brought her teaching to a whole new audience of listeners and provided all the content they could handle. It also boosted the number of people tuning in to catch Joyce’s program.


Joyce’s radio program airs on hundreds of stations worldwide. Each and every day, her radio podcasts are also downloaded more than 85,000 times through Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Amazon Music and many other channels.

Check out Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life radio and TV podcasts, plus her Talk It Out podcast! Look for them in your app store or visit

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