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Joyce Meyer Ministries Helps Millions With 2010 Humanitarian Efforts

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Joyce Meyer Ministries
March 4, 2011 

Impacting lives worldwide, core outreaches include global feeding programs, children's homes, free medical care, prison ministries and disaster assistance

  • In 2010, more than 29 million meals served feeding over 60,000 children daily
  • In St. Louis, over 243,000 meals to the homeless, disadvantaged children and families
  • Free medical care to over 236,000 worldwide dispensing over 65,000 free prescriptions
  • More than 1,100 children cared for daily in 45 children's homes around the world
  • Prison gift bags to nearly 200,000 with more than 2 million distributed since 1998
  • 16 new freshwater wells with over 370 throughout India and other remote location
  • In Haiti, food, water and free medical care to over 150,000 including 100 new homes built
  • $9.4 million contributed, to date, for disaster assistance in the U.S. and around the world

Throughout 2010, Joyce Meyer Ministries, through its Hand of Hope® (HOH) world missions group, continued its mission to make a life-changing difference for impoverished children, families and others around the world through global feeding programs, children's homes, disaster relief, prison ministry, inner-city outreach, rescue shelters and other humanitarian aid.

Feeding Programs

Recognizing the fact millions of children die every year due to poor nutrition, malnourishment and simply lack of food, in 2010, the ministry served more than 29 million meals through its more than 380 feeding programs worldwide. Established in 26 countries, these life-changing centers feed over 60,000 children every day.

Water Relief

Addressing the absence of a basic necessity as clean, safe water for people to drink, cook and clean with, through its "Well of Life" initiative, in 2010, HOH completed 16 new freshwater bore wells in Asia providing, to date, 370 freshwater wells to improve core quality of life conditions in many indigent global communities in remote areas of India, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Peru, Mali and Tanzania. "With nearly 1 billion people around the world lacking the basic requirement of food and clean water, our goal is simply to feed children, many who otherwise wouldn't eat, and provide easily accessible sources of safe water to those in need," said David Meyer, CEO, Hand of Hope.

Disaster Assistance

In 2010, HOH continued its vital support to disaster assistance in the U. S. and around the world contributing $1.1 million to relief efforts. Last year, teams provided immediate response to several natural disasters including emergency aid and relief from the destructive earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and China, as well as the devastating floods in Tennessee, Mexico and Pakistan providing food, water, medicines and financial aid. In Haiti, in partnership with International Crisis Aid, HOH provided food and water to over 150,000 immediately following the earthquake and continues it support through free medical care, food, water and a new housing project, "Miracle Village," building 100 new homes. To date, the ministry has contributed $9.4 million to worldwide disaster aid and humanitarian relief.

Children's Homes

Maintaining its priority focus on children, in 2010, HOH continued support to over 40 children's homes around the world caring for more than 1,100 children daily with safe homes, education (including job training) and nutritious meals. Addressing a critical need, last year, HOH teams opened "Baby Watoto Gulu" for abandoned babies providing basic infant care, needed medical care and simple tender loving care. This life-saving infant's home also provides wards for premature babies and infants with special needs. A new AIDS home in India also opened in 2010 caring for over 60 children.

Medical Missions

In 2010, HOH medical teams dispensed over 65,000 free prescriptions and provided free medical care to over 236,000 people around the world treating more than 165,000 through ongoing programs in 10 countries. In addition to establishing new clinics in Egypt and South Africa, in 2010, full-funding support continued for medical clinics and hospitals in Cambodia, Haiti, India and Ethiopia. Over 55,000 people were treated by ministry-supported hospitals, and over 16,000 were treated at medical missions in Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, India, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea.

Prison Ministry

In 2010, a major milestone was reached as prison ministry teams distributed its 2 millionth hygiene gift bag, while also visiting 265 prisons reaching 197,000 inmates across the U.S., in Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Since 1998, HOH prison teams have visited over 2,500 prisons in 34 countries including every state prison in the United States, and nearly 100,000 incarcerated men and women have accepted Christ into their lives.

Human Trafficking

In 2010, the ministry continued its campaign to rescue, change the lives and bring healing for many of those enslaved through the global epidemic of human trafficking funding shelters and homes in five countries bringing to those rescued desperately needed housing, education, food, clothing and counseling. In June 2010, Gabrielle House, a home for women rescued from human trafficking opened in Thailand. Additionally, HOH continued support to women's homes in Ethiopia and India, the "A21 Project" in Greece, and, domestically, the Los Angeles Dream Center. Second only to the illicit drug trade, annually, nearly $32 billion is earned worldwide by the captors of an estimated 27 million people – women and children as young as age 12.

Inner-city Outreach

The foundation of HOH's inner-city outreach, the St. Louis Dream Center serves inner-city communities through nearly 40 vital outreach ministries for children and adults, including 14 different feeding programs, homeless ministries, and multiple sports, enrichment and mentoring initiatives. In 2010, staff and volunteers provided over 243,000 meals and nearly 60,000 visits to area homes, nursing and senior communities, including children outreaches. Additional domestic outreach is provided through funding support and partnering with Mercy Ministries, a national nonprofit that helps young women in crisis, and "Urban Youth Impact," an empowerment program helping disadvantaged families in Florida. Internationally, HOH continued program support to homeless street children ministries in South Africa and Russia.

About Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries (JMM) is an international nonprofit organization that focuses on reaching people through media with a potential broadcast reach to more than 4.5 billion people. Impacting lives around the world, through its outreach arm, Hand of Hope®, JMM provides life-changing global humanitarian assistance. In 2010, JMM provided more than 29 million meals supporting feeding centers in 26 countries and free medical care to over 236,000 people in multiple remote areas. JMM also operates 45 children's homes globally, feeds over 60,000 children daily and provides a host of other disaster, missions and charitable aid. For more information, please visit www.joycemeyer.org.