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Hand of Hope Provides Emergency Assistance in Nepal

Joyce Meyer Ministries
June 01, 2015

In the wake of last Saturday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ outreach arm, Hand of Hope, deployed a response team to Nepal to provide medical assistance, emergency food distributions and survival equipment in support of families displaced by the devastation. The team continues to search the region to provide assistance in villages where help has not yet reached people, and meets with Nepal government officials this week to discuss a long-term strategy for rebuilding homes that were destroyed by the earthquake. Items distributed thus far include non-perishable foods, purified water, personal hygiene items, blankets and tents, as well as medical support.

In partnership with the Red Cross, Hand of Hope set up an emergency First Aid clinic within the destruction area, assessing medical conditions and provided hundreds of people with much needed medical supplies and emergency care.

Pastor Samuel Sodemba, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ Hand of Hope coordinator in Kathmandu, had lost his home and church in the quake. Living among the other survivors in tents, Pastor Samuel’s focus is on helping others. He has distributed more than 4500 blankets to those sleeping on the streets, and continues to find ways to alleviate the suffering.

“At this time, there are more than one million survivors in need of urgent assistance,” says David Meyer, CEO of Hand of Hope. “Most homes are destroyed, and people are without shelter, sleeping out in the open. Survivors are dealing with enormous loss coupled with the fear of further devastation from multiple after shocks. Our team continues to provide emergency provisions to offer immediate relief.”

If you would like to support Hand of Hope's humanitarian efforts in response to the Nepal earthquake, visit joycemeyer.org

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