Faces of Hope

Meet some of the kids you’re helping through Hand of Hope outreaches around the world.

Rachael Athearn
Faces of Hope

These kids are the cutest! We want to introduce you to just a few of the amazing children you are helping through our projects around the world.

Tippawan, 12 years Old

Tippawan is from a remote tribe that lives high up in the mountains in Myanmar. Her mother works long, hard days in the rice fields and has struggled to take care of her and her five brothers and sisters. Being a widow with so many children, Tippawan’s mother couldn’t afford to send her to school. Even if she could go to school, it would be about a 3-mile (5 kilometer) walk along very dusty roads to get to the closest one…and it’s really not safe.

Six years ago, Tippawan came to live at a home for children in Thailand that’s supported by Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope. She says her life is much better now. She has lots of friends, a bedroom that she loves, good food, and she’s able to go to school and get an education.

“I know a lot of people love me here,” she says. “They told me about Jesus…I had never heard of Him before. Last year, I accepted Him as my savior and now I know I am a child of God. My prayer is that He helps me fulfill my dream of being a teacher.”

Crist, 11 Years Old

When Crist was very small, his father sent him out on the streets to sell drugs. He left Crist alone a lot, and he was hungry because there wasn’t anything to eat. He never went to school. When his grandmother found out all that was happening, she took him to the Bethel Children’s Home in Thailand.

“I was really so excited to be in a new place,” Crist says. “I’ve been living here for about seven years now, and I’m much stronger from eating nutritious food. I also get to go to school. I can feel the love of God through people that take care of me here, and recently I decided to become a Christian. Before, when I was a Buddhist, I could see god—it’s like a statue you have to worship. But now, with our God, I cannot see Him, but I can feel Him.”

Onwabile, 5 Years Old

When Onwabile first came to one of our Classrooms of Hope on the Eastern Cape in South Africa, he had very low self-esteem and isolated himself from the other children. After his father’s tragic death in a car accident, his mother left the area to look for work in another city, and the tiny preschooler went to live with his grandparents. They struggled financially, so the boy had little clothing and food and suffered from severe malnutrition.

But today, Onwabile has made a major turnaround! Since coming to the preschool, his physical and emotional health has improved tremendously. Now he’s able to eat nutritious meals and he loves learning about the Bible. Instead of being shy, he’s made friends and he even performs the best in his class during lessons.

Pooja, 10 Years Old

This sweet child attends one of our feeding centers at a school for special-needs children in India. The children always pray and thank God for their food before they eat their lunch. Like most of the other children at this center, Pooja comes from a Hindu family. And now for every meal at home, she makes sure her family prays before eating. Her love for prayer—and for Jesus—has become a testimony to her parents.

Likitha & Chandana, Ages 11 and 8

Forced out of their house after their father died, these young girls moved with their mother to a town in India that’s home to a famous Hindu temple. At first, their mother found work begging for money on the temple’s steps. But it wasn’t long until she was coerced into the sex trade by some people who promised to help her. The 30-year-old mom’s new job led to the family’s worst nightmare…she contracted AIDS and has been at home sick and on the brink of death.

Wanting protection for her girls, the young mother reached out to a local pastor who works with Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope to feed children in the area. The pastor and his wife have been able to give the girls the support they need as they go through this incredibly difficult time.

At the feeding program, Likitha and Chandana have learned to read the Bible and pray. They enjoy the tasty regular meals and feel safe and loved when they come to the church. They love going to school and study hard to be at the top of their class. Instead of joining the same business as their mother…like many others have in the town…Likitha and Chandana are receiving hope and help for a brighter future and have dreams of becoming an English teacher and a doctor.

The heart of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope World Missions is to share Christ with others and demonstrate His love in practical ways around the world. And every day, that’s what we’re committed to doing. Each time you join with us in this mission, you play a part in someone else’s story and you make it possible for a life to be changed.