18-Year-Old Gives His Life to Save Hundreds

After two bombs blast in the Pakistani city of Lahore, Hand of Hope's assistance was a huge relief to many.

Hand of Hope
18 Year Old Give His Life to Save Hundreds

After two bomb blasts in the Pakistani city of Lahore killed 22 martyrs and seriously injured 23 others, Hand of Hope reached out to financially help the families. Family members weren’t able to work due to the deaths and injuries, so the assistance was a huge relief to many. 

One of the families we were able to help are the parents of a young man who embraced martyrdom and saved hundreds more from dying. 

At the Catholic Church a suicide bomber approached, injuring nearby policemen on duty. As he rushed toward the church, 18-year-old Akash blocked the suicide bomber and grabbed him. A witness says the bomber told him he had a bomb and to let him go. 

Young Akash replied, “No matter what happens, I will give my life but I won’t let you enter the Church.” About 1,000 young and old were inside worshipping. The bomber tried his best to enter but Akash held him tight and started pulling him away. It was then that the bomb went off and Akash gave his life to save so many. 

There were many other heroes from that day who gave their lives because of their faith in Christ. Thank you so much to our friends and partners for allowing us to bring a little bit of healing to these beautiful families who were left to grieve the loss of their loved ones.



Updated: October 2022