An Eternal Difference

Investing in Lives and Impacting Eternity

Staff Writer

We first discovered Joyce’s program almost 25 years ago. Every morning, we went downstairs to walk on the treadmill and somehow Enjoying Everyday Life was always on. We were instantly hooked! Joyce’s messages weren’t about religion—she simply spoke about Christ and who He is. We could relate to everything she said, and it really began to transform our hearts.


After months of watching Joyce’s show five days a week, it finally dawned on us: God has helped us so much through these programs; maybe we should partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries to help share the Gospel message around the world.

That was 24 years ago. We have been partners ever since, and it has been one of the greatest blessings of our lives! We truly felt like we needed to partner with a ministry who was doing what we simply could not do ourselves.

Through our partnership, we know we are making a real difference all around the world. We are helping to rescue women and girls from human trafficking, dig water wells in remote communities where fresh water is scarce and provide life-saving medical care to those who can’t afford it.

A Priceless Investment

Today, when we tune in to Joyce’s program—when we watch the stories and see the faces of those being helped—we are overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s an amazing feeling to know we are touching these lives for Jesus Christ. And not just for a week or a month, but for eternity.

As a CPA and investment advisor, I (Jeff) spent my life analyzing numbers and managing investments. And I both can tell you without a doubt that this is one of the greatest investments we have ever made. We are investing in lives changed, here and around the world for God’s Kingdom.

Jesus said, …‘It is more blessed to give than receive,’ and we have experienced this firsthand (Acts 20:35). As we have reached out to others through this ministry, God has blessed us with such joy for being participants instead of spectators.

We have always been “family” people, and we consider time spent with our three children and six grandchildren as one of the most rewarding parts of our lives. But we also have another family: all of our friends and Kingdom partners at Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Together, every single day, we are each doing our part to share Jesus Christ around the world. And it doesn’t get any better than that.