A Girls' Night In with Joyce

Empowering Women Worldwide

Joyce Meyer Ministries

What an amazing night! We wanted to share with you, our partners, just how incredible it was to hold the first ever Love Life Girls’ Night In with Joyce. More than 35,000 people took part in this awesome event!

All of the proceeds went to benefit Project GRL, because every girl needs to know that she is fiercely loved by God and has limitless potential!

Here are just a few comments from women who took part:

New Life Covenant Church, Wichita, KS
Nothing like Girl Time loving on Jesus together.

Rachel E., Australia
What a fantastic morning learning about conquering fear plus the added bonus of Kari Jobe worship music.
🎶💕 #LoveLifeGirls #KariJobe #DoItAfraid


Danica N.
I am going to conquer fear of myself. I hold myself back from being all that God has called me to be.
🌿 #LoveLifeGirls


Jo G.
After the week I’ve had, let alone the year we’ve all had, I SOOO needed this time, in my own bed, in pj’s and time alone with just God. I cried the tears I needed to cry. I worshipped without worry in my heart. (I hope) I understood the message I needed to understand, but I still get to hear it again in case I missed something or want to watch it with a girlfriend or two. It was pretty amazing and I can feel God doing new things in me. Just as Joyce says—I’m expecting something good to happen for me and through me. I made a decision a while ago that the enemy won’t be stealing my God given life. It’s up to me to claim what God has gifted me and take the Land He’s promised!

“You can feel afraid and not be afraid.”
“Feelings are fickle.”
“Just because you feel it doesn’t make it reality.”
“Do you believe the god of your feelings or the God of the Bible?”
“It all comes back to trusting God.”
And on & on & on, so good! I love Joyce Meyer. 💗

“I thank God for giving us this opportunity to touch so many lives. Let’s do it again sometime.” -Joyce

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