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It was a year of heartache and blessings.

In 2023, we witnessed as war turned lives upside down. Families by the millions were forced to flee their homes with no place to go. And it seemed like every week we heard of another natural disaster or tragedy that left people devastated and feeling hopeless. Yet, God allowed us, together, to reach into people’s lives—right in the middle of the pain, the suffering, and heartache. And He wrapped them in His great love.

Psalm 71:15 says, I will tell of Your goodness; all day long…(GNT). And that’s what we’re doing with this annual report. We’re celebrating all of the amazing ways that God has used you, our partners—our family—to make an eternal difference for so many people.

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You supplied clean water, nutritious meals, medical and dental care, help for women and girls at risk, relief efforts after war and natural disasters, and shared God’s Word with people everywhere.

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More than 86 cents of every dollar you gave in 2023 was used for outreaches and programs directed at reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Download Full Report



Every hour of the day, what you give is making an eternal difference for someone in need.

There are so many people to help and places to go…

God has big plans for the coming years, and you are such an important part of it. Through your regular prayers and ongoing monthly support, you will restore lives, declare the Gospel, and meet people’s needs in extraordinary ways. Will you join us and become a partner?

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