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Creating Great Relationships

Creating Great Relationships

- by Joyce Meyer
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Create Great Relationships

Do you get along well with people?

It's an important question because, let's face it, people are everywhere. People are in your family…on your job…in your neighborhood… You can't get away from them. And the people in your life are not always the way you would like them to be.

Your ability to get along with people greatly impacts the quality of your life. That's why it's important to know how to relate to all kinds of people—not just people who are like you.

Personally, I have had to learn how to work with all kinds of people because I literally have hundreds of people working for me. When you are in that situation, you learn that you have to talk to some differently than others. You have to understand them in different ways. You can't expect the exact same thing out of every single person.

I've also learned that people respond to correction in different ways. Some need a little more attention than others. Some need you to pat them on the back at least twice a month or else they feel rejected, while others are fine if you don't pay any attention to them.

Here's a common reason why our relationships get messed up: We all have a tendency to try to give other people what we need, instead of giving them what they need.

Notice Their Individuality

One of the biggest mistakes we make in relationships is we don't study people to find out their individual needs. If you will closely observe people, they'll let you know what "makes them tick."

Many people are stuck in self-centered mindsets. For example, some opinionated people don't understand that everybody doesn't want their opinion. Maybe someone who thinks they're always right doesn't "get it" that somebody else would like to be right once in awhile. Maybe somebody who is a big talker doesn't understand that other people would like to talk occasionally.

To have better relationships, start thinking more about others and noticing their needs.

Then Put What You Notice into Action

This is where your love walk comes into play. Are you including others in your daily thoughts and actions? Walking in love includes drawing out information about others. Not just getting people in a corner and talking their head off.

I am so hungry to see people who are enthusiastic about walking in love—people who want to do what Jesus did. Acts 10:38 says, How God anointed and consecrated Jesus of Nazareth with the [Holy] Spirit and with strength and ability and power; how He went about doing good…

There are so many ways we can do good. For example, how do you treat the server when you eat at a restaurant? Are you rude? Or do you take the time to consider how demanding their job is? Instead of complaining, give your server a kind word. Take interest in them, and give them a generous tip.

That's what people who walk in love do—because they know that's God's way.

It's Really Quite Simple

We have to learn to give ourselves away and the blessings of God will chase us down and overtake us. You see, He wants to help you be enthusiastic about loving other people every single day of your life as you do kind and caring things for them.

If you will simply take the time to start studying other people, notice what their needs are and then put that knowledge into action through your love walk, this will dramatically improve your connections, which will lead to great relationships in every area of your life.

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