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10 Reasons To Attend a Joyce Meyer Conference

10 Reasons To Attend a Joyce Meyer Conference

- by Joyce Meyer
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1. Plan to take a step of faith.

A conference is a place where you can come to clear up any confusion, set new goals, and stir yourself up to do what God is asking you to do.

2. Teachable moments.

God uses His Word to touch our hearts and change our lives. And at conferences—those special times we’ve set aside for Him—we’re just more likely to really get what He’s saying. Bring a notebook to capture what God speaks to your heart!

3. Dave’s “America” message.

For roughly 20 years, Dave Meyer has been sharing about the spiritual condition of America, and how we the people can make a difference.

3. Multiply Hope.

This outreach empowers you to help people in need in your community by bringing items to donate on-site. Be sure to check our website ahead of time to see which items are needed.

4. A healthy you.

A healthy you is the best gift you can give your family and your friends. Give yourself a weekend to relax and recharge, and focus on your spiritual health!

5. The encouragement!

Sometimes you don’t even know you need it until you just really do.

6. The God Factor.

Whatever problem you have, God is your answer…and He wants you to know He’s here for you! Come experience His love in a whole new way.

7. To get your praise on!

Sing a heartfelt song to an audience of One, in a gathering of thousands of believers…and then tell us how you feel.

8. Be a spiritual bestie.

Come with a friend who wants to grow in their faith. Take a selfie together! Have yourselves a time to remember.

9. The crowd.

Gerald Osborne from Auburn, Washington, explains: “To be around this many of God’s people in one place at one time; to experience this feeling is something that you don’t want to miss…. You can feel that we are here because we have one single thing in common and that’s Jesus.”

10. Laugh and have FUN!

Sing, dance, and act like a kid again. You’ll leave energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the next season of your life.