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Back to School Blast in St. Louis

Back to School Blast in St. Louis

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Back to School Blast in St Louis

More than 2,500 people attended the annual Back to School Blast at the St. Louis Dream Center, an urban church and outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries. 

Attendees were given free shoes, socks, diapers, light bulbs, blankets, and backpacks full of school supplies. They also stayed for a fun afternoon of complimentary face paintings, haircuts, inflatables, rides, games and food. 

“There are going to be kids who don’t go to school because they don’t have school supplies,” says the Pastor. “Just a little thing like this makes a big difference.”  

Just ask Cierra Pordos, a mother of eight who is looking for any help she can get. “I have a job, but I don’t make a lot. So getting shoes and just being able to come out and feed the kids, that’s a big help,” says Pordos. “The school supplies are the most valuable. It’s a great way to give back and show your community that you care.” 

Prior to distributing the backpacks, the Pastor took time to share the Gospel with those in attendance. “We’re not just giving them supplies—we’re giving them Jesus,” he shared. “The backpacks are a great way to get them to hear the message.” 

Through the support of the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries, more than 1,500 children went home with backpacks, school supplies, necessities…and a message of hope. 

We do not need to strive for power or hope to have power someday; we have power now! The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us (see Rom. 8:11) and we can be quickened (filled with life) by that power. This is not a onetime filling that slowly drains out of us as the days go by, but we can be filled day by day and even moment by moment. We can constantly and continually experience God’s presence and power in our lives. When we belong to Him, there is never a time when His power is not accessible to us.

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