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Joyce Meyer Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers. A New York Times bestselling author, her books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.

Bible Teacher and Author

Through Joyce Meyer Ministries, she teaches on a number of topics with a particular focus on the mind, mouth, moods and attitudes. Her candid communication style allows her to share openly and practically about her experiences so others can apply what she has learned to their lives.

Joyce has authored nearly 100 books, which have been translated into more than 90 languages. Her most popular book, Battlefield of the Mind, has sold more than 4 million copies since it was first published in 1995. More than 12 million of her books have been distributed free of charge around the world, and each year millions of copies are sold.

Joyce conducts close to a dozen domestic and international conferences every year, teaching people to enjoy their everyday lives. For 30 years, her annual women's conference has attracted well over 200,000 women from all over the world to St. Louis for specifically themed teachings by her and guest speakers.

Joyce hosts a TV and radio show, Enjoying Everyday Life®, which broadcasts worldwide to a potential audience of 4.5 billion people.

Offering a Hand of Hope

Through her teachings, God has provided opportunities to meet the needs of the suffering and bring the Gospel in a practical way. Joyce’s passion to help hurting people every day is foundational to the vision of Hand of Hope, the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. These outreaches around the globe include feeding programs, medical care, homes for orphans, and programs combatting human trafficking.

In her hometown of St. Louis, Joyce and Dave, her husband, founded the St. Louis Dream Center (SLDC) in 2000. The SLDC serves the inner city through hands-on programs targeted at reaching the lost and hurting with the love of Christ.

Sharing Her Story to Help Others

Over the years, God has provided Joyce with many opportunities to share her testimony and the life-changing message of the Gospel. Having suffered sexual abuse throughout her childhood, as well as just dealing with the struggles of everyday life, Joyce discovered the freedom to live victoriously by applying God's Word to her life and in turn desires to help others do the same.

Joyce is and continues to be an incredible testimony of the dynamic, redeeming work of Jesus Christ.

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I was first introduced to Joyce Meyer Ministries when someone lent me a copy of Battlefield of the Mind. I soon learned how the enemy operated. Through prayer and reading the Word daily, I earnestly sought God to help me resist him. God sent your book to me, and now I’m better prepared and stronger.”
—Nancy, Colorado
My life has not been the same since I started reading Battlefield of the Mind. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve changed with your help and the Word of God! My mess has really become my message of hope like yours was for me!”
—Alfred, California
For thirty years my aunt refused to forgive the man that took my uncle’s life. Four years ago, I read Battlefield of the Mind to her and also gave her a copy. Recently I found her reading it. She mildly and simply said, ‘I forgive him.’ Praise God! I thank Him for this book He blessed us with.”
—Cathy, Texas
My 16-year-old daughter had been struggling with smoking, drugs and alcohol. Finally, out of despair, she cried out to God and picked up Battlefield of the Mind for Teens, which had been sitting near her bed for a year. Almost immediately she had clarity of mind. This book has turned her life around! She has been giving the book to her friends and has begun to see an awakening of hope and love in her school. Kids are walking away from their bad habits by understanding God’s Word and the battle raging in their minds.”
—Christine, Maryland