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You can help change a life. Through your tangible support, you can share the love of Christ and His message of hope. Say, “I Will” and give a special gift today.

Will you help someone in need?
  • The woman who was forced into human trafficking.
  • The elderly man who so desperately needs medical attention.
  • The little boy who would otherwise go home hungry.
  • The family in need of fresh, clean water.

Or you could help wherever the need is greatest.

Rescue Homes

Twenty-seven million women and children are being held captive, forced to work in dangerous conditions or trapped in a life of prostitution. You can help provide a way out. Your support will fund human trafficking rescue homes in 8 countries and 36 children’s homes, providing the love of Christ and a fresh start.
Help Rescue Today
Medical/Dental Care

More than 200 million children go without basic healthcare, and many lose their lives to treatable illnesses. You can offer free medical and dental care to thousands each month in some of the neediest areas of the world, providing free medicines and the love of Christ…just what the doctor ordered.
Give Care Today

Imagine living in a place where the water is contaminated and undrinkable…or how it might feel to go days without a single meal. It’s a reality for millions. Here’s another reality: You can help fill the stomachs of more than 75,000 children a day and help dig fresh-water wells in remote areas all around the world.
Help Provide Today
Greatest Need

You can share God’s love through the many outreaches of Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions arm, Hand of Hope. Large or small, your donation will touch people’s lives, bringing hope, health and healing to those who desperately need it. Help bring joy to someone’s heart today!
Give Today
Total Amount

For your gift of any amount
we'll send you:
The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word Gift Edition
and Filled with Hope 3 Teachings on CD.

For your gift of $500 or more
we'll send you:
The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word Gift Edition
and Filled with Hope 3 Teachings on CD. PLUS The Everyday Life Bible with pewter bonded leather cover, a leather-soft charcoal Journal and NEW Sharing Christ Necklace.

  No thanks, I just want to give.

Dave and I are constantly amazed by the good things God is doing through your prayers and financial giving. It's your generosity that provides Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions the privilege of impacting the lives of countless people around the world.

We're grateful for the love God has put in your heart to reach the world for Him – and we want you to know how much we appreciate you for the difference you are making each day. 

Big or small, your donation is touching lives in tangible ways – bringing comfort, hope and Christ's love to people who would have nowhere else to turn.

Thank You!

83% of total expenses

83% of total expenses were used for outreach and programs directed at reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meeting needs of the less fortunate.

We know it's a big decision to donate your money to us, which is why we are committed to be transparent about our financial decisions.

View our most current annual report to see all that our partners make possible, including a breakdown of all financial expenses.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code permits you to deduct the amount you give Joyce Meyer Ministries that exceeds the fair value of the materials received from us. The tax-deductible portion of your gift will be shown on your receipt if applicable.
All prices tax inclusive. Any payment in excess of the value of resources received will be treated as a charitable donation to the Canadian Ministry. JM Ministries Canada, a Canadian Registered Charity, issues tax-deductible receipts on an annual basis for the total amount of all eligible donations given to this Ministry throughout the year. Your eligible tax-deductible gifts are limited to the excess amount of your gifts given over the fair market value (or value of advantage) of any goods and services provided to you by the ministry.
Australia Residents: to make a tax deductible gift ($2.00 or more) to the Hand of Hope Trust Fund (DGR), please call our office at (07)3349 1200.
South Africa Residents: to make an 18A tax deductible donation, please call our office at (27)21 701 1056.
Joyce Meyer Ministries Unit 3 Fairway Business Park, Stibitz Street, Westlake 7945; P.O. Box 5, Cape Town 8000 South Africa; Tel: (27) 21 701 1056 Fax: (27) 701 1085
Website: www.joycemeyer.org (Reg. No. 2003/008210/08) PBO No. 930002188
Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. is a registered Charity No. 1081586 and a company limited by guarantee No. 3940907 Registered in England. Registered Office: Unit 4/5 Windsow Business Centre, Vansittart Estates, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1SP

Human Trafficking Rescue
Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions helps support human trafficking rescue homes in 8 countries, including the United States. In addition, our friends and partners share the love of Christ through 35 children’s homes worldwide.
Medical/Dental Care
People in remote locations around the world are experiencing God’s love through compassionate care and life changing medicines, and are hearing the Gospel of Christ. Additionally, Hand of Hope staff and volunteers travel around the world each month on short term outreaches providing medical/dental services as well as partnering with outreaches in 8 countries to provide year-round medical/dental care.
Did you know that every day, more than 73,000 children are fed worldwide through Joyce Meyer Ministries’ Hand of Hope feeding centers? And tens of thousands drink clean water from wells built where they’re needed most: in Asia, South America and beyond.

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