It’s time to get back to basics when it comes to faith in God. If you want to have a deep, healthy, solid faith in God, you must exercise your faith to make it stronger.

To do that, we’ve given you four specific areas of training—teachings from Joyce—that will encourage and challenge you. Mixed with prayer, spending time with God, and even purposeful acts of kindness to others, these core areas will bring your relationship with God to a higher level!


For four weeks, we’ll feature the different training phases with episodes from our TV broadcast, articles and audio teachings by Joyce, plus notes and more on core topics.

Here’s the breakdown...

Week One – Discipline: Lay the groundwork by setting priorities, making good habits and more. Week Two – Drawing Closer to God: Get to know God more personally by making room for Him in your everyday life. Week Three – Unleashing the Power of Faith: Joyce teaches you ways you can equip your mind and mouth with faith. Week Four – Making Right Choices: Make scripture-based decisions, and you’ll start to see God’s best unfold in your life.

You’ll definitely see that the results—strong, solid faith in God—are well worth the time and effort.


Get to Know Jesus. If you’ve never “enlisted” in God’s army and asked Jesus Christ into your life, Give your life to Him today. Even if you’ve been a believer for years, it’s always good to get back to the basics every now and then.

Warm Up with Pre-Training. Download this short worksheet and answer a few questions about exercising your faith.