Train Your Mind for Success

Want to live every day with encouraging and uplifting thoughts toward yourself and others? Or maybe you know someone who could use some peace of mind? Either way, you can help yourself or somebody you love join the millions who have renewed their mind with this book and…

  • Gain control over your mind
  • Enjoy true freedom and peace
  • Recognize damaging thoughts and stop them from influencing your life
  • Overcome bad attitudes and excuses that keep you from God
  • Find happiness and fulfillment

Now available in hardcover for the first time, the Battlefield of the Mind Commemorative Edition is perfect as a gift or for reading over and over.

Millions agree—this book leads people to victory over worry, doubt, confusion, anger, condemnation, fear, anxiety and depression. That's why 3 million copies of this book have been sold since 1995.

Hear a few of the testimonies…

Breaking Mental StrongholdsVictory Over Addictions

"After contemplating suicide over my impending divorce, a friend gave me Battlefield of the Mind. As I read it, I gave myself to Christ. Literally in seconds my feelings of anger, bitterness and depression were replaced with an overwhelming sense of calm and peace." –Marcus

"I was tired of all the chaos and drama that drugs had brought into my life. I was at the weakest point and neglected my relationship with God just when I needed it most. [Through Battlefield of the Mind] you reiterated that to me. It was as if you knew exactly how I felt!” –Andrea