Purposeful Acts of Kindness
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Purposeful Acts of Kindness

by Joyce Meyer

Have you ever talked about ways you can be a blessing to others? I would venture to say that many have never done this, and until a few years, I hadn’t either. Now, I get excited when I purposely think and talk about ways to help someone else. There won’t be a Love Revolution if we don’t do things on purpose to help others. We must have goals and press toward meeting them.

Once I became determined to make loving others the theme of my life, I hungered for a variety of ways to show love. Love is not a theory or merely talk; it is action (see 1 John 3:18). We can certainly love people with words that encourage and express how valuable we think they are, but we also need to use our resources of time, energy, possessions, and finances to love others.

You may be convinced you don’t have anything to give. Maybe you are in debt, doing your best to pay your bills, and the thought of giving to others is almost irritating or makes you sad because you want to give but don’t see how you can. However, there are literally thousands of ways you can give and spread love if you will search for them aggressively.

“ Love is not a theory or merely talk; it is action. ”

I’ve read books, searched the Internet, and been very aggressive on my own journey to find creative ways to incorporate this theme of loving people into my everyday life. I want to share some of the things I’ve learned, but I also want to encourage you to be creative and then share your ideas with others.

Practical Ways to Love on Purpose

1. When it’s obvious that someone else wants the same parking space you want, let them have it and do it with a smile.
2. Mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn or shovel snow for them.
3. Clean an elderly person’s house or offer to do the grocery shopping.
4. Give someone without transportation a ride to church or another event, even if it’s out of your way.
5. Truly listen to someone without interrupting.
6. Be a polite driver.
7. Hold a door open for a stranger and let them go ahead of you.

(Get more practical ideas in Joyce’s book The Love Revolution.)

I frequently watch for people who seem to be discouraged and give them something monetary with the simple message: “God loves you.” Many times, I don’t even say anything about God; I simply show His character!

Once I saw a young girl on her break at the store where she worked. She was sitting alone at a table, looking very tired. I handed her fifty dollars and said, “I just want to bless you. I bet you work really hard and I want you to know I appreciate it.” She looked shocked and then said, “That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

I don’t think we realize how many people walk among us every day who feel lonely or insignificant and have had little or no experience with unconditional love. They are not accustomed to getting anything “free” or receiving anything they have not earned or deserved. I think doing things for people just to be a blessing and for no other reason is an amazing way to show God’s love!

This article is taken from Joyce's hardcover book, The Love Revolution.