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International Conferences

Joyce’s television and radio program has opened the doors for Joyce to speak into the lives of millions of people in 41 different countries through these conferences alone. Joyce’s main goal is to encourage and uplift believers with practical biblical advice and to bring the life-changing salvation message to unbelievers worldwide.

YOU CAN HELP: Your support will help us bring the Word of God to people around the world.


France: Festival of Life

In May, Joyce held a festival in Paris, France. Over 13,000 people attended, and over 18,000 listened live on the internet. 2,500 received salvation.

Namibia: Festival of Life

In May, Joyce held a festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Over 11,000 people attended, 540 received salvation, and over 1,200 books were distributed.


Madagascar: Festival of Life

In June, Joyce held a two day festival in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Over 57,000 people attended, including over 41,000 children for Children’s Day, where each child also received a gift. Over 16,000 received salvation and over 115,000 books were distributed during the two day event.

Namibia: Festival of Life

In June, Joyce held a three day festival in Windhoek, Namibia. Over 38,000 people attended, over 6,700 received salvation, and over 41,500 books were distributed.


Indonesia: Festival of Life

In January, Joyce held a three day Festival of Life in Jakarta. Over 108,000 people attended the actual festival with over 7.4 million watching by television those three days. Between the festival and the live television feed there was a total of 29,774 salvations and over 490,000 books distributed.


Australia: Conferences

In June and July, Joyce ministered at conferences in Brisbane and Sydney. Over 66,500 people attended and nearly 500 gave their lives to Christ.

Asia: Festival of Life

In January, Joyce held three Festival of Life conferences in Asia. Over 255,000 people attended and over 100,000 gave their lives to Christ in Sri Lanka, Thailand and India.


Europe: Festival of Life

In June, Joyce held four Festival of Life conferences in Europe. Over 34,000 people attended and 7,030 gave their lives to Christ in Germany, Poland, Albania and Bulgaria.


Zimbabwe: Festival of Life

In June, Joyce held a Festival of Life in Zimbabwe. Over 530,000 attended the three-day festival.


Basel Switzerland

In November, Joyce held a conference in Basil, Switzerland. 24,000 attended and hundreds gave their lives to the Lord.

Malawi: Festival of Life

In November, Joyce held a Festival of Life in Blantyre, Malawi. Over 150,000 attended and more than 44,000 souls were saved. 355,000 books by Joyce Meyer were given out during the festival.

Papua New Guinea: Festival of Life

In July 2009, Joyce hosted a Festival of Life in Papua New Guinea. During the three-night festivals, over one million attended and more than 500,000 gave their lives to the Lord.

We also held medical outreaches in Port Moresby and Ambunti, where over 4,700 people were given free medical and dental care. We also installed three wells for fresh water during the outreach.

Asia: Festival of Life

In January 2009, Joyce traveled to Thailand and India to minister the Word and encourage the people.

On January 10 and 11, Joyce held a conference in Chang Mai, Thailand, where 56,500 people attended. According to local pastors, this was the largest public gathering in Thailand. In addition, we gave away 50,000 New Way of Living books translated in Thai.

In Bangalore, India, over 810,000 people attended the nighttime services. And throughout the month of January, we held free medical clinics for poor children and families around the city.


Africa: Three Countries in 10 Days

In late October 2008, we enjoyed one of the hardest-working, fastest-moving and most effective missions trips ever. In 10 days we visited three African countries, ministering to some of Africa's most desperate people in unthinkable conditions.

India: Four Days, More Than One Million People

In January 2008, we kicked off the year with one of our largest conferences to date. Over the course of four days, more than 1 million people attended our open-air festival in Mumbai, India, with more than 400,000 giving their lives to the Lord. While in India, our ministry team also held a four-day medical clinic, treating more than 1,400 people desperately in need of care. In addition, Dave and Joyce had the opportunity to visit some of our 10 ministry-supported feeding sites in the slums of Mumbai, which reach 550 children each day.

Joyce Tours Australia and New Zealand

In July 2008, Dave and Joyce traveled Down Under where Joyce was a guest speaker, along with Pastor Brian Houston for Hillsong Conference '08 in Sydney. Our team also traveled to Christchurch, New Zealand, where Joyce spoke at a special women's event.


Hope Cambodia: 30 Days of Hope

From July 14 to August 12, 2007, Joyce Meyer Ministries hosted Hope Cambodia: 30 Days of Hope, an outreach designed to bring hope to a nation still recovering from the horrors of genocide. Throughout the 30 days, we ministered to thousands through festivals, medical outreaches, leadership seminars and a host of other events. We also opened 15 new Hope Centers, which not only serve as feeding sites, but some also function as children's homes. In all, more than 160,000 lives were touched through Hope Cambodia.

Joyce Tours Australia and New Zealand

In addition, Dave and Joyce traveled overseas for two extensive foreign conference tours in 2007. In January, Joyce made stops in numerous cities in Australia and New Zealand, preaching 17 times and ministering to over 110,000 people. This included Joyce's appearance at New Zealand's famous Parachute Festival, where she ministered to tens of thousands of the nation's youth.

Ukraine, England, Germany and South Africa

In the fall, Dave and Joyce set out on their second tour with Joyce ministering at two separate Hillsong Conferences-in Kiev, Ukraine, and London, England-and also held conferences in Essen, Germany, and Johannesburg, South Africa. More than 40,000 people attended our conference in Johannesburg, and over 1,500 made a quality decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Additionally, over the past several years, Joyce has held several international conferences in Uganda, Australia, England and various other countries.

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is simply to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.