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Disaster Relief

In a matter of moments a natural disaster can devastate a family, community, even an entire nation. People are left to mourn the loss of loved ones, pick up the pieces of their lives and struggle to make ends meet. When those disasters strike, we are committed to be there as soon as possible to provide immediate relief where we can. So far, we’ve been able to donate more than $14.4 million to disaster relief efforts worldwide, in more than 125 disasters since 2004.

Working with local relief organizations enables us to provide immediate and tangible relief to those affected by earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods and more. As opportunities arise, we are also able to provide long-term relief like the rebuilding of homes in Louisiana, Missouri and Haiti.

YOU CAN HELP: Help us provide relief when the next disaster strikes.


Southern USA – Tornados
Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope and Providence Church to provide immediate assistance with clean-up, food and water.

Mozambique – Cyclone
Hand of Hope partnered with Overland Missions to provide immediate assistance with clean-up food and water.

Missouri – Tornados
Hand of Hope partnered with Service International and Convoy of Hope to assist with debris removal and recovery efforts.

Guatemala – Children’s Home Fire
Hand of Hope partnered with Viva – Together for Children to assist with food, clothing, education as well as placement in other homes after fire ravaged a government run children’s home.

Kansas – Fires
Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope to provide truckloads of hay to feed livestock after local farmers lost at least 600,000 acres due to wildfires.

Madagascar – Cyclone
Hand of Hope partnered with Kelimahefa to provide food and household items, as well as clean-up and debris removal.

Peru – Flooding
Hand of Hope partnered with Cristiana Camino de Vida to provide immediate assistance with clean up and debris removal.

Egypt – Church Bombing
Hand of Hope partnered with Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church to provide immediate assistance to assist the church and the church families.


Flint, MI – Water Crisis
Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope to provide clean drinking water to those affected by tainted water supply in Flint, Michigan.

Fiji – Cyclone
Hand of Hope partnered with Victory Church in Pevely, Missouri to provide basic necessities to families in need of food, water and clothing through their satellite church in Fiji.

Louisiana – Flooding
Hand of Hope partnered with Healing Place Church and Church of the Highlands to provide meals and bottled water to first responders. Fed over 1,500 people and assisted families with clean out of their homes.

Costa Rico/Panama – Humanitarian Relief
Hand of Hope partnered with Dan Salas Ministries providing meals, water, tents and hygiene items to displaced people along the border.

Ecuador – Earthquake
Hand of Hope partnered with Centro Cristiano and Latin America Child Care providing water, food, clothing as well as tents for temporary shelter.

Houston, TX – Flooding
Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope providing immediate relief after record setting flooding.

Japan – Earthquake
Hand of Hope partnered with Jesus Life House Church providing immediate relief after 7.0 earthquake in southern Japan.

Western Ukraine – Humanitarian Relief
Hand of Hope partnering through Joyce Meyer Ministries Russia office provided vital food items, books and Joyce’s message on DVD to 100 needy families.

Canada – Wildfires
Hand of Hope partnered with ERDO providing immediate relief to those that fled the wildfires to evacuation points.

Sri Lanka – Flooding/Mudslides
Hand of Hope partnered with Winston Corera providing dry rations and milk powder for children who were displaced.

Houston, TX – Flooding
Hand of Hope partnered with The Church providing immediate relief including meals, bottled water, and clothing.

West Virginia – Flooding
Hand of Hope partnered with I Heart the Church providing shovels, gloves, and cleaning supplies to be used for cleanup.

Louisiana – Flooding
Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope, Our Savior’s Church-Lafayette, Healing Place Church, Church of the King, Bethany Church, Journey Church, and Our Saviors Church-Jennings providing assistance with food, water and clean-up supplies.

Italy – Earthquake
Hand of Hope partnered with Italy for Christ providing immediate assistance with food, water and clean-up.

Haiti – Hurricane Matthew
Hand of Hope partnered with Love A child providing immediate relief with food, supplies and medicines.

Costa Rica – Hurricane Otto
Hand of Hope partnered with Herrera Ministries distributing mattresses, gas stove tops, rubber boots, shoes, shovels, hoses, brooms, food, water, diapers and more.


Malawi – Flood Relief
Southern tip of Malawi experienced the worst flooding in its history. More than 75,000 peoples were displaced as their homes were destroyed. Hand of Hope partnered with Trinity Church International in Malawi to provide emergency family packs for 450 people. Packs included plastic sheets for ground cover, tarpaulin for roof repairs, maize for family, porridge for babies, beans, blanket, pot, cup, bucket and basin.

Macedonia – Flood Relief
Two major dams in Skopje were hit by a flood, and the area around the town of Shtip was evacuated. Heavy rain and snow melting in the eastern parts of the country brought up the water level by 1.5 meters in the river Bregalnica. Areas were evacuated. Hand of Hope partnered with Laborers Together International in Macedonia, to provide immediate relief to those in need. Aid packs to 100 families were provided to 100 families which included water, flour, sugar, oil, milk, rice, beans, lentils, salt, pasta, can fish, cheese, washing powder, toilet paper, disinfectant cleaners, and hair shampoo, as well as one of Joyce’s books.

Vanuatu - Cyclone Pam
Twenty-four people confirmed dead and 3,300 were displaced by Cyclone Pam in the South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu. Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope to provide immediate relief to those in need with 80,000 pounds of food, water and supplies.

Cambodia - Fire
Hand of Hope partnered with Relevant Expeditions to help rebuild a Children’s Home that burned down in Cambodia.

Italy – Flooding in Sicily
Hand of Hope partnered with Italy for Christ to provide immediate relief after flooding, distributing food, clothing and appliances to almost 75 families. Milk, diapers, shoes and sweaters were provided for children, as well as vaccinations.

Illinois – Tornado
Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope to provide immediate relief after a tornado, assisting with debris removal and clean up efforts.

Pakistan – Church Bomb Blast
Fifteen people were killed and seventy wounded in attacks on two churches in Lahore. Hand of Hope working with our partners of the ground in Pakistan provided financial assistance to those who were unable to work due to injuries.

Nepal – Earthquake
A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the capital city of Kathmandu. Hand of Hope partnering with JMM India provided immediate relief to those in need with blankets, tents, medicals, food, water and toiletries.

Texas – Flooding
Historic flooding hit Houston as the Blanco River surged to 44 feet.Hand of Hope partnering with Samaritan’s Purse provided immediate relief to those in need with heavy tarps, generators, and tools used during clean-up effort.

Myanmar – Flood Relief
Sixty seven villages were affected from flooding, destroying 15,991 houses creating 111,765 refugees in 11 temporary camps, in churches and government schools. Hand of Hope partnered with Capstone Ministries International to provide immediate relief to those in need.

Eastern Ukraine – Refugee Relief
Hand of Hope partnered with the Joyce Meyer Ministries Russia office to provide relief to the people of Eastern Ukraine, by providing food, and hygiene items. Hand of Hope also drilled six water wells to provide clean drinking water to the refugees.

South Carolina – Flood Relief
Hand of Hope partnered with Sea Coast Church and Crosstown Christian Church to provide immediate relief to those in need, by providing food, water, cleaning supplies, diapers and wipes.

Texas – Flood Relief
Hand of Hope partnered with the Convoy of Hope to assist with debris clean up.

Missouri – Flood Relief
Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope and Service International to provide immediate relief to those affected by record flooding in Missouri, by providing more than 135,000 pounds of food, water and supplies. Nearly 200 volunteers were mobilized to help with product distribution and clean-up efforts.

Greece – Refugee Relief
Hand of Hope partnered with A21 to provide a water container for at risk refuges at the border in Greece.

Chennai– Flood Relief
Hand of Hope partnered with Joyce Meyer Ministries India to provide immediate relief to those affected by flooding after weeks of the heaviest rainfall seen in 100 years, by providing food, blankets, and clean up relief.


Southern United States - Tornado
Deadly tornadoes hit Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Iowa, on Sunday April 27th, killing at least 17 people (15 in Arkansas). The half-mile wide tornado carved an 80-mile path of destruction through Little Rock, AK suburbs. Hand of Hope partnered with Little Rock Dream Center, North Little Rock First Assembly of God, as well as Church of the Highlands to provide needed relief.

Iraq - Persecution
Thousands of Christians left their homes in Mousul, fleeing for protection,and escape from violence. They left behind their homes, and were stripped of all their personal belongings even money and medicines. There were 3,000 families stranded at the borders. An emergency package containing bottled water, bread, milk, rice, cooking oil, and nappies helped aid them in their journey. Hand of Hope partnered with a church in Iraq to provide needed relief.

China - Earthquake
The Yunnan province of South-western China was struck with a 6.1 earthquake on August 4th. More than 600 people were killed and more than 1,800 injured. Hand of Hope worked with our partners and the Underground Church in China to provide immediate relief by providing 200 aid kits to families in need. These kits included a 3x3 meter tent, 3 sleeping bags, cooking pans, solar lights, a first aid kit and some food.

Pakistan – Monsoon Flooding
Heavy monsoons hit Pakistan killing 110 people. About 600 villages in Marala region of Punjab were submerged. Hundreds of villages were devastated by the floods. Lahore and Rawalpindi, two major cities in Punjab, experienced serious urban flooding. The most vulnerable exposed to flooding were those living in mud houses, by rivers and water streams. Hand of Hope partnered with local churches in Pakistan to provide immediate relief to those in need, with 1,000 food packs, bedding, utensils and kitchenware.

Bosnia and Serbia – Flood Relief
In May, Bosnia and Serbia were hit by the worst flooding in over 120 years. Lives were lost and more than 3,000 were evacuated following torrential rain. Hand of Hope responded quickly partnering with Christian Missions International and local churches to provide hygiene packets, baby and children’s packets, and one of Joyce’s books to 400 households.

Liberia - Ebola Relief
Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope and Assemblies of God World Missions to provide relief to the people of Liberia affected by the recent Ebola outbreak in Western Africa. Twenty to thirty containers of food, supplies, and medications were sent to an alliance of churches from 9 different denominations in Liberia for distribution.

India - Cyclone Hudud
Cyclone Hudud pounded the eastern coast, forcing as many as 400,000 people to flee; lives were lost. The cyclone wrecked homes, uprooted trees and power lines, and damaged crops. Hand of Hope responded quickly partnering with local churches to provide immediate relief by supplying and funding a small kitchen serving those people who lost their homes for a period of two weeks.


Australia Cyclone and Flood Relief
Tropical cyclone Oswald formed in the far north coast of Queensland, Australia, and set off on a course of destruction and flooding. The storm traversed the entire eastern seaboard, finally turning out to sea after passing through Sydney, wreaking havoc along its trail. Joyce Meyer Ministries partnered with Citipointe Church and Red Frogs, an outreach of Citipointe, to go into the affected areas and provide assistance in the clean up process as well as provide food to the volunteers. We provided water blasters, boots, cleaning equipment and financial support to Red Frogs.

Indonesia Flood Relief
Extreme flooding in Jakarta in January left at least 15 dead and displaced over 18,000 people. During our Festival of Life, which took place in Jakarta when the flood occurred, we were able to raise funds to help those affected by the flooding.

Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Relief
Tornadoes caused severe and widespread damage in Oklahoma City and Moore Oklahoma. Hand of Hope partnered with several ministries on the ground to help those displaced by the tornado that devastated the area. In cooperation with Gleaning for the World we delivered truckloads of supplies that were distributed by Church of the Harvest OKC and others. We also partnered with other churches in the area including Victory Church who helped to supply victims with shelter and necessities. With our assistance Service International and the 99 went to Oklahoma with teams and other needed items to aid in relief efforts.

South Africa Storm Relief
Brittle makeshift zinc shacks in South African townships offered very little protection from the fury of gale force winds, torrential rain, and hail. Fifteen thousand people were affected as thousands of shacks flooded, and many more faced the brunt of freezing weather. Hand of Hope was able to respond swiftly with disaster relief. We partnered with Hillsong Africa Foundation and their volunteers to distribute waterproof roof sheeting, blankets and food parcels for hundreds of people in the township of Khayelitsha in Western Cape. We also gave blankets to the homeless through two Christian homeless shelters, Happy Valley and Loaves and Fish. We were also able to distribute Joyce's books in English, Xhosa and Afrikaans.

Germany Flood Relief
June flooding in Germany caused whole areas in southern and eastern Germany to be under water for weeks, many cities had to be evacuated and thousands were left homeless, having lost everything they own. The 'Christian Children, Youth and Addiction Center' Life Teen Challenge is located very close to the a river and fell victim to the flood. The friends and partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries were able to help with disaster relief by providing funds to replace many technical items as well as a long-needed, powerful water pump.

Canada Flood Relief
In June Alberta, Canada experienced extensive flooding which was declared the worst in the history of this Western Canadian Province. More than 100,000 people were impacted. Many people were displaced from their homes due to flood waters, utility power failures, devastation from damages and the imminent dangers of associated health risks due to contamination. Joyce Meyer Ministries/Hand of Hope, in partnership with First Assembly Church in Calgary, immediately reached out and got involved on the ground level by providing volunteer workers with meals. We also provided volunteers with equipment needed to prepare for restoration and rebuilding, from protective gear to the tools required to help clean.

Pakistan Flood Relief
Flooding from the August monsoon rains destroyed nearly 80,000 homes and displaced an estimated 1.5 million people.  When the flooding occurred Hand of Hope was able to aid relief by providing support to those affected in the slum areas of Islamabad.

Japan Tornado Relief
Dozens of people were injured and homes damaged in eastern Japan as a tornado made its way through Koshigaya and Noda. Hand of Hope was able to provide funds for volunteer coordination, field leadership, disaster relief training and child trauma events.

Colorado Flood Relief
Heavy rains and severe flooding in September brought historic flooding and damage to thousands of homes. Hand of Hope partnered with Serve 6.8 to provide disaster supplies and relief efforts in Ft. Collins, CO.

Pakistan Earthquake Relief
A devastating earthquake and powerful aftershocks hit the southwestern region of Pakistan in September. More than 500 people died and thousands were left homeless as their mud-walled homes were destroyed. Hand of Hope partnered with our contact on the ground in Pakistan to provide tents, food, utensils and Joyce’s books to affected families in and around the city of Awaran.

Cambodia Flood Relief
Continuous rain in October left areas along the Mekong River in the Kandal province of Cambodia completely flooded. At least 83 people, including 34 children died and hundreds of thousands affected. Hand of Hope distributed food to those affected as well as Joyce’s books translated into Khmer.

Sydney Australia Brush Fire Relief
In October New South Wales was ravaged by almost 100 brushfires with some of the worst losses in the Blue Mountains area, just outside Sydney. Many lost homes and livelihoods. Hand of Hope partnered with Australian Christian Churches to provide relief.

Cyclone Phailin Relief
Cyclone Phailin, the strongest tropical storm to hit India in more than a decade, devastated parts of the eastern states of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh in October. Nearly 30 people died, more than 250,000 homes destroyed, more than 750,000 people displaced. Hand of Hope dispatched 225 volunteers to work in four of the hardest hit districts. They helped clean up the destruction, as well as share the love of Christ through encouragement and copies of Joyce’s books, Why, God ,Why?, Peace, and Tell Them I Love Them. The friends and partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries made it possible to provide rice, dal (a dried legume, such as lentils, beans or peas) and blankets to 10,000 families.

Mid-West Tornado Relief
November storms moved across 12 states and included an EF-4 tornado in Illinois which destroyed hundreds of homes. Hand of Hope partnered with Service International to help bring relief in Brookport.


Hurricane Sandy Relief
In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy has left millions without power, homes burned and flooded and families without loved ones. We partnered with Convoy of Hope and the New York City Dream Center to provide meals and cleaning supplies to those affected by the storm. Convoy of Hope trucks were pre-positioned near disaster zones in New York and Pennsylvania, two of the areas hit hardest by Sandy, to provide immediate relief.

Hurricane Isaac Relief
Widespread destruction through fierce winds, torrential downpours, flooding, and power outages were created by Hurricane Isaac in August. In response to the devastation, we worked with Convoy of Hope, Gleaning for the World, and Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge to provide disaster relief efforts where they were needed in the form of: blankets, juice, water, food, pet supplies, and clean-up.

Philippines Flooding Relief
In August 2012 we partnered with Convoy of Hope to provide disaster relief to the people of the Philippines affected by recent flooding. Monsoon rains had battered the city of Manila, displacing thousands of residents. Convoy of Hope responded quickly and distributed over 43,000 meals to flood victims.

Syrian Refugee in Lebanon Feeding Relief
In July of 2012we partnered with Heart for Lebanon to provide food packages to 200 Syrian refugee families living in the Bekaa Valley and Akaar region for 3 months. Food packages included food, basic hygiene supplies, a bible and Joyce Meyer books.

Virginia and Washington, D.C. USA Power Outages
In July 2012, we provided disaster relief, in conjunction with Gleaning for the World, to those affected by the weekend storms and power outages in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Florida USA Flooding
We worked with DRADT and Gleaning for the World in Florida and along the East Coast to provide desperately needed relief for those affected by June flooding. These organizations are working closely with government officials in each region to provide assistance. They are also coordinating teams of volunteers who are eager to help in any way they can by distributing water and relief supplies where needed as well as helping home owners with the very difficult process of cleaning up from the devastation they've experienced.

Colorado USA Wildfires
We partnered with Gleaning for the World in June 2012 to provide disaster relief to affected by the Colorado wildfires. Twenty-four pallets of disaster relief supplies – including water, blankets and other general disaster relief supplies – are being shipped to the area for distribution to those in need.

Fiji Cyclone and Flooding
In April 2012 the island nation of Fiji, located off the eastern coast of Australia, was battered by a cyclone resulting in flooding and major destruction to the area. We partnered with Citipointe Church in Brisbane to help feed children who were going to school with food as a result of the cyclone.

Texas USA Tornadoes
In April 2012, a series of tornadoes tore through the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas causing widespread damage. We partnered with DRADT (Disaster Relief and Disaster Training) to provide relief in areas devastated by tornadoes.

Midwest USA Tornadoes
In March 2012, storms tore through the Midwest USA causing widespread damage. We partnered with DRADT (Disaster Relief and Disaster Training) to provide relief assistance to those devastated by Midwest tornadoes.

Madagascar Cyclone
In February 2012, we provided disaster relief to the people of Madagascar affected by the category four cyclone that swept through the region's eastern shores. Over and above our ongoing feeding programs, we distributed relief packs to households of 300 of the most vulnerable including food parcels, blankets, oil, candles, charcoal etc. And for a few of the worst affected, we rebuilt their destroyed houses. We also rebuilt a school where the roof was ripped off entirely and the walls badly damaged.

Alabama Tornado
In January 2012, storms tore through Southern and Midwestern parts of the United States, causing widespread damage and the tragic loss of several lives. We partnered with DRADT (Disaster Relief and Disaster Training) and Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, to provide relief in areas devastated by tornadoes.


East London South Africa Relief
In July 2011, a severe store hit the small coastal town of East London with 4 inches of rain in a matter of hours followed by snow and hail damaging the makeshift shacks in the community. We partnered with Quigney Baptist Church to dispense 35,000 meals feeding 1,750 people as well as the "Peace" booklet in the native Xhosa language in the East London 2nd creek area.

Philippine Typhoon Relief
In December 2011 in the Southern Philippine Island of Mindanao region was struck by a devastating typhoon which resulted in disastrous flooding. Hundreds lost their lives and over 25,000 families in and around the city of Cagayan de Oro lost everything they owned. We partnered with Convoy of Hope and Don Clowers Ministries to provide much needed relief efforts to help those affected by the deadly typhoon.

Southeast Asia Flood Relief
In October 2011, We served thousands of families who suffered due to the massive flooding. Supply relief bags, which contain rice, tin fish, oil and vegetables along with Joyce's book Tell Them I Love Them were provided to families. We worked with four churches to set up facilities in five locations for temporary housing, each of which will have food, bedding and temporary shower and toilet facilities

El Salvador Flood Relief
Strong rains across Central America have caused massive flooding, killing nearly 100 people. Thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes and seek shelter elsewhere. El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua have all declared national disasters. We provided food to those in need in El Salvador in conjunction with Moody Missions.

Texas (USA) Wildfire Relief
Wildfires burning in Texas consumed more than 100,000 acres and more than 1,000 homes. We partnered with Disaster Relief and Disaster Training to provide relief and assistance to those affected by the fires.

Hurricane Irene Relief
The East Coast of the US was hard hit by the hurricane, causing massive damage and flooding. We partnered with Convoy of Hope and Service International who have already deployed teams to areas affected by Hurricane Irene to offer hope and help with clean-up efforts.

Horn of Africa Famine Relief
Extreme drought conditions in the Horn of Africa have resulted in an estimated 10 million people facing a severe food crisis. A number of areas in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda are experiencing the worst drought conditions in over 60 years. We worked quickly to provide much needed life-saving food supplies – already providing over 500,000 meals in partnership with Feed My Starving Children. A water well is also being drilled near the Kenya/Somalia border in Partnership with New Life Home Trust to provide much-needed water along with 10 recently completed wells inside Somalia and more in process.

Joplin, Missouri (USA) Tornadoes
We partnered with Convoy of Hope in Joplin, Missouri. Together, our primary responsibilities there were to help the people impacted by the tornado that left so many lives in upheaval and to provide supplies, relief and hope.

Japan Tsunami Relief
We actively partnered with Convoy of Hope, YWAM and Crash Japan to assist those affected by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and following tsunami that have wreaked havoc on the nation of Japan. Convoy of Hope worked with partners in seven communities in Japan. Together we helped distribute food, supplies, home starter kits, appliance sets and clean water.

Southeast and Midwest USA Tornadoes
We partnered with C3 Church (Cleveland Community Church) in Clayton, North Carolina and Manna Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to provide relief in one of the region's most heavily affected by these destructive storms. Together we provided meals and bottled water to victims and relief workers. Both churches worked to give much needed disaster relief to offer hope, restoration and the love of Christ to those in need.

Myanmar Earthquake Relief
After the March 2011 earthquake, we sent a team to the affected areas to ascertain both the damage and the help required. Distributing dry food, noodles, bottled drinking water, clothes and plastic mats, we aided many families directly affected by the disaster.

South Africa Flood Relief
In February 2011, intense rainfall and heavy flooding has forced thousands to leave their homes. We worked in the affected areas to provide much needed relief to families devastated by the flood with prayer, food supplies and housing assistance.

Brazil Mud Slides
In January 2011, we partnered with Light to the Nations, Bello Ministries, and El Eliom Group to provide assistance to those in need, including; water, personal hygiene items, food, and clothing for those affected by the massive mud slides in Rio de Janeiro.

Australia Flood Relief
In January 2011, Joyce Meyer Ministries' Australia office partnered with Citipointe Church and Loaves and Fishes Streetmeet Care Service to set up Carepoints to distribute food, clothing, and blankets to those that have been impacted by unprecedented flooding.

Missouri, USA New Year's Eve Tornadoes
In January 2010, Joyce Meyer Ministries and the St. Louis Dream Center worked with Service International to provide relief and clean up to our neighbors 15 minutes from our ministry headquarters in Fenton, Missouri in response to the New Year's Eve tornadoes.

South Africa Christmas Devastation
Christmas Eve 2010, a terrible fire ravaged the township of Masiphumelele and destroyed 168 shacks leaving 700 people without anything. We responded by distributing 700 hygiene packs, and an encouraging book of Joyce's to each of the victims in their native language, Xhosa.

New Zealand Earthquake
In February 2011, a 6.3 earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand. We worked with two organizations in the area, Parachute and Life Church in Auckland, New Zealand to provide relief to those in areas impacted by the earthquake.


China Earthquake
In April 2010, we partnered with local missionaries to provide shelter and vital supplies needed after the powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake in the Qinghai province.

Acuna Mexico Flood
In September 2010, we partnered with John Novara's ministry, His Heart and Hands Ministry, to assist victims who have lost so much and need our help by providing food, clean-up and disaster relief caused by Tropical Storm Alex.

Pakistan Flooding
In August 2010, we coordinated through local pastors and Church leaders to providing disaster relief funds to supply as much life-saving aid and relief to the affected areas as possible. We also distributed many of Joyce's books in the native languages of the region to provide comfort and hope during the time of adversity and repaired the roofs of two churches which were damaged by heavy rains.

Tennessee Flooding
In May 2010, we partnered with Cross Point Church in Nashville to help provide cleanup and immediate relief to those suffering from the Tennessee flood. JMM also teamed up with Oasis Church in Nashville, as well as Service International, who has a team on the ground providing food and water while helping families clean up.

Chile Earthquake
After the earthquake struck Chile, we quickly partnered with Convoy of Hope and La Casa del Senor, a church in Santiago. Through these two wonderful organizations, we were able to help many victims.

Haiti Earthquake
In January 2010, an earthquake measuring 7.0 hit the country of Haiti. This terrible tragedy killed more than 250,000 people and left over 1.5 million homeless. We partnered with Love A Child, Inc. to help with the emergency relief effort. Love A Child was able to use the funds for food, clothing and hygiene kits. We also partnered with Pat Bradley and International Crisis Aid, supplying food, water, supplies and care to the victims of this disaster. In addition, a team of orthopedic surgeons was sent to help work with the injured immediately after the earthquake.


Indonesia Earthquake
Thousands of homes were destroyed. And with 800 dead, 200 missing and thousands injured, people lined up outside hospitals to locate family members after the 7.6 earthquake in Indonesia.

Just 5 days after the quake, leaders from Hand of Hope visited the area. They purchased items most needed by those affected, including rice, milk, noodles, medicine, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and feminine products.

For 3 weeks after the earthquake, relief was brought to schools, feeding centers and health clinics. More than 1,000 packages of basic needs, including drinking water and medicines, were distributed to quake victims.

Philippines Typhoons
After being battered by two typhoons, Manila, Philippines, experienced heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Working with Convoy of Hope, a disaster relief organization, we helped set up food and water distribution points throughout the city. Water filtration units, which are capable of producing up to 10,000 gallons of water a day, were also brought in.

Burkina Faso & Senegal Flooding
The African nations of Burkina Faso and Senegal experienced extreme flooding in September. With 1 foot of rain accumulating in just 12 hours, more than 200,000 people were forced out of their homes. In response, we partnered with Burkina Faso Outreach’s President Lynn Peters to provide support to the flooded areas.

Georgia Flooding
Heavy rains and subsequent flooding in numerous small towns surrounding the Atlanta metropolitan area have caused severe damage.

One of the greatest needs was clean drinking water. So 4 distribution sites were set up to provide bottled water and cleaning supplies to meet the most immediate needs. More than 180 volunteers distributed more than 360,000 pounds of supplies.

Sri Lanka Emergency Relief
In May, we partnered with Convoy of Hope to bring much needed relief to many people affected by the humanitarian crisis caused by the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Fargo, North Dakota Flooding
In late spring of 2009, a massive blizzard bore down on flood-ravaged Fargo, North Dakota, causing levees to break and flooding to occur. We partnered with Convoy of Hope to help the victims ravished by this disaster.

Australia Bushfires
On February 7, in Victoria, Australia, bushfires erupted, sweeping across the southern parts of the country and killing more than 180 people. Within days of the fire, we gave financial support to Whittlesea Assembly of God to help families displaced by this tragedy.

Costa Rica Earthquake Relief
In January, a 6.2 earthquake hit Costa Rica. The hardest hit area was Vara Blanca. Hand of Hope partnered with Dan Salas Ministries to provide food, water, supplies, temporary shelter and debris cleanup to those affected by this tragedy.

Vietnam Typhoon
In September a typhoon hit Vietnam, causing severe damage. Dozens were killed; more than 170,000 homes were destroyed; 350,000 were evacuated. We helped fund temporary shelters and the rebuilding of 35 homes. More than 3,000 Bibles were given out, and the Gospel was preached to the people affected by this tragedy.

India Flooding
In early October, massive flooding caused severe damage in several districts of India-Guntur, Krishna, Kurnool and Mahabubnagar. We teamed up with Gospel Mission of India to provide shelter and immediate life-sustaining supplies.


Hurricane Relief
In what was one of the most active hurricane seasons to date, several storms made landfall in the United States and in the Caribbean, leaving a trail of destruction and injuring thousands along the Gulf Coast. In response to these disasters, we joined with organizations like Healing Place Church, Convoy of Hope, Service International and Love A Child to provide critical help and hope for those in Texas, Louisiana, Cuba and Haiti. We have provided cleanup help, relief shelters and free medical care, along with more than 1 million pounds of food, water, ice and other vital necessities to the families affected by these storms.

China Earthquake
On Monday, May 12, 2008, China was rocked by an earthquake registering 7.9 on the Richter scale, which toppled thousands of schools, apartments and other buildings, leaving tens of thousands buried underneath the rubble.

The disaster took the lives of more than 69,000 people, and aftershocks, mudslides and the outbreak of infectious diseases left the country full of devastation and in desperate need of clean water, food and medical attention.

In response, we teamed up with Target Ministries in China to bring immediate relief to earthquake victims in the Sichuan province. A team of disaster relief specialists were sent to train volunteers who are a part of house churches in the area, and led those volunteers into the disaster areas. The teams brought vital necessities like water, provided temporary shelters and led search and rescue missions throughout the area.

Myanmar Cyclone
The catastrophic tropical cyclone Nargis that battered Myanmar on May 3, 2008, killed nearly 140,000 people. Many people perished in a 12-foot tidal wave, and over 2 million people were reported homeless. Power was lost, roads were blocked and drinking water was contaminated.

Although it was extremely difficult to get relief to the people of Myanmar, we began working diligently to secure whatever supplies were necessary to meet the greatest needs. We also worked with an agency, In His Image to dispatch medical teams to treat victims and train Burmese doctors. In addition, we provided families with relief packages containing food, plastic sheeting, mosquito nets, candles and matches.


Kansas Tornadoes
After a F5 tornado wiped out much of Greensburg, Kansas, we quickly responded to help family repair their homes and rebuild their lives.

Peru Earthquake
The 8.0 earthquake that struck Peru in August, left many in desperate need of assistance. We partnered with Camino de Vida church to provide medical and reconstruction team in some of the worst hit areas. We also provided nearly 1,000 blankets, 7,500 pounds of food, along with mattresses and clothes to approximately 5,000 people in eight different cities, as well as care for 500 families for six months after the tragedy. We were also able to send enough materials and tools needed to build 480 temporary homes.

Nicaragua Hurricane
In partnership with Dan Salas Ministries, we were able to provide much-needed water, supplies and shelter shortly after the hurricane struck.

California Wildfires
Our rapid relief trailers arrived on the scene in the mountains of San Bernardino and immediately went to work—supplying vital necessities like food, water and blankets and even providing families with much needed help in cleaning up debris. We also partnered with Service International, Streetwise Ministry and Skyline Church to supply crucial help.

Bangladesh Cyclone
The cyclone killed thousands of people and destroyed many homes. We were able to provide temporary housing, food, water and vital necessities for thousands.


Indonesia Earthquake
The 6.3 earthquake killed 5,700 people, injured more than 36,000 and left an estimated 1.5 million homeless. We partnered with Relevant Expeditions to supply water, food, medicine, tents and other supplies.

Lebanon War
More than 1,000 people, mostly Lebanese, were killed after a war broke out between Israel and the Hezbollah paramilitary forces in Lebanon. We partnered with Heart for Lebanon an Avi Mirachi in Israel to help those who were displaced by the war to provide mattresses, sheets, food, supplies, shoes, medicine and water to the refugees.


Hurricane Katrina
Hand of Hope was heavily involved in the relief efforts following Katrina—one of the five deadliest storms to hit the United States. We were able to partner with numerous organizations to help as many people as possible. These organizations included: Pastors Resource Council, Healing Place Church, Service International and St. Louis Dream Center. More than $3 million was donated to assist in the recovery. Thousands of Joyce’s books were also distributed to those in distress. We sent tons of food and vital necessities including water, baby formula, diapers, shampoo and soap to those in need. We also repaired or rebuilt over 450 homes.


Southeast Asia Tsunami
After the tsunami struck Southeast Asia, many people were left to grieve the loss of loved ones and find a way to begin life again. Working through our Southeast Asia office and partnering with Service International, International Crisis Aid and Russell Dominique Ministries, we were able to provide relief in several locations:

14 villages in Tamil Nadu, India

  • 3,428 families helped
  • 50 fishing boats
  • 50 assorted fishing nets
  • 50 marine engines
  • 10 auto rickshaws
  • 125 sewing machines
  • 200 houses
  • Books 420,000

7 villages in Andhra Pradesh, India

  • 2,456 families
  • 210 houses
  • Books 360,000

Sri Lanka

  • 6 villages
  • 865 families benefited
  • 327,000 books
  • 100 houses and 1 church/community center
  • 20 boats
  • 20 sets of nets for fishing
  • 500 cycles
  • 75 sewing machines
  • 10 auto rickshaws
  • Provided funds to complete the rebuilding of 70 homes through our partnership with Service International.


  • 20 homes built in conjunction with International Crisis Aid
  • Provided funds to Russell Dominique Ministries to provide further relief


  • 50,000 books were printed and distributed in Thai

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is simply to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.