Dear friends,

We love to help people in need. Something really wonderful happens on the inside of us when we reach out and help someone else. It’s something God does in our heart when we partner with Him to love a hurting world.

From the beginning of our ministry, we’ve had a strong desire to teach the Word and lead people to Christ any way we can. God’s leading and the support of our partners has opened doors to share that message through conferences, books and resources, radio and TV, and the Internet.

And that was really just the beginning...

Over the years, God has given us an increased passion to save the lost and help the hurting. Consequently, our vision has grown to do more that makes a difference in this world, which led to the development of the outreach arm of our ministry, Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions.

Through Hand of Hope, we partner with organizations and outreaches around the world to preach the Gospel, feed the hungry, share hope with prisoners, give orphans safe homes and God’s love, provide free medical care to those without it, bring relief to people suffering from natural disasters...and more. And it’s all happened because of the generous love and support of our friends and partners.

As a partner with our ministry, you’ve been a huge part of all we’ve done to help the hurting, alleviate human suffering and help Christians grow in their faith. If you aren’t a partner, we want to invite you to join us and experience the excitement of putting smiles on faces as we bring hope to the hopeless through the power of God’s love and grace. As you look through this annual report, you’ll see what we mean by that.


Thank you for making 2010 one of the best years yet!

Dave & Joyce